2019 Chinese Medicinal Chemistry Symposium (CMCS) &

CPA-EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry (CPA-EFMC ISMC)

The Third Round Announcement

The 2019 Chinese Medicinal Chemistry Symposium (CMCS2019), hosted by Chinese Pharmaceutical Association (CPA) and organized by State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy and West China School of Pharmacy of Sichuan University, will be taking place in Chengdu, Sichuan, China from August 15th to 18th, 2019. According to the cooperation framework agreement signed by CPA and the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC), the CPA-EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry (CPA-EFMC ISMC) will be held concurrently.

The theme of CMCS2019 is “New targets, new technologies and new molecules − boosting the discovery and translation of original new drugs”, and that of CPA-EFMC ISMC is “Exploring new pathways to tackle immune-oncology”. This conference will have keynote, invited, oral and poster sessions along with informal discussions, providing an excellent platform for communications between researchers in the relevant fields, promoting the exchange and collaborations, and boosting the development and application of medicinal chemistry.

We sincerely invite our fellow scholars and colleagues in medicinal chemistry and other drug discovery related disciplines from both academia and industry to join us on this great event to promote the interdisciplinary collaborations in innovative drug discovery. The organization work of the conference is in its scheduled progress. Here, we are delighted to make the third round announcement of the conference:

I. Conference Topics

The conference has 12 topics in forms of satellite meetings:

  1. Youth scholars forum

  2. Artificial intelligence and computer-aided drug design

  3. Frontiers in medicinal chemistry and recent hot topics

  4. Frontiers in targeted drug research

  5. New methods and new processes in drug synthesis

  6. Chemical biology and related topics

  7. Frontiers in natural (and Chinese traditional) medicinal chemistry 

  8. Frontiers in pharmaceutical material chemistry

  9. Frontiers in immunotherapy and biotherapy

  10. Frontiers in nucleic acid drug research

  11. Special forum for the pilot programs of the national innovative drug translation program

  12. Industrial forum: The R&D of innovative drugs promotes the transformation and development of pharmaceutical industry

II. Conference Schedule

The conference will have keynote, invited, oral and poster sessions along with informal discussions. The CPA-EFMC ISMC will be held at the same time.

August 15th

All day

Arrival and registration


Committee meeting of the medicinal chemistry committee of CPA

August 16th


Opening ceremony and keynote presentations


Invited and oral presentations, Industrial forum, and Youth scholars forum


Poster session and informal discussions

August 17th




Invited and oral presentations, Industrial forum, and Youth scholars forum

August 18th


Keynote presentations, closing ceremony and departure

III.Conference  Arrangement

 1) Conference Location

Chengdu Century City International Convention and Exhibition Center, 198 Shijicheng Rd, HiTech Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan, China.

The floor plan of Chengdu Century City International Convention and Exhibition Center is as follows:


 The 3rd floor of Chengdu Century City International Convention and Exhibition Center.


The 5th floor of Chengdu Century City International Convention and Exhibition. Center.

2) Arrival and Registration

a) Registration time: 09:00-24:00 August 15th, 2019

Please confirm your registration at the registration office from 07:00 to 18:00 on August 16th.

b) Registration location: Lobby, 1st Floor, West Tower, Holiday Inn Chengdu Century City

3) Accommodation

The accommodation is not covered by the conference fees. We suggest you plan your accommodation early. Following are some nearby hotels for your consideration: Intercontinental Century City Chengdu, Holiday Inn Century City Chengdu, the Palm Springs Fairmont Chengdu, Ji Hotel (Chengdu New Conference and Exhibition Center), Taste Sweet Four Seasons Hotel (Century City New Convention and Exhibition Center Metro Station) and etc. More details can be found on: http://www.cmcs2019.com/cmcs/?id=7 


Online registration (official website or Wechat site) is required for this conference. Please register before July 31st, 2019.

Official conference website: http://www.cmcs2019.com

Official conference Wechat site:




1) Registration  fees:


Early    bird (before June 30th)

Online    (before July 31st)

Onsite    (on or after August 1st)


1,200    RMB

1,500    RMB

2,000    RMB


1,000    RMB

1,100    RMB

1,200    RMB

Accompany    (family members)

600    RMB

700    RMB

900    RMB

2) Registration  process:

Please register and login online at http://www.cmcs2019.com,  fill in the required field and pay online. An automatic confirmation letter  will be sent to your email. Please make sure your personal information is correct,  and bring the letter with you to the conference for check-in, conference  documents and receipts. If you have made your payment, but did not receive the  confirmation letter, please bring your proof of payment when you check-in.  (Group registration is available too)

3) Payment  method:

The payment can be made online or onsite.

a)Online: To pay online, please login the conference website, follow the instructions of  online registration (deadline for online payment is July 31st,  2019). An automatic confirmation letter will be sent to your email once the  payment is made.

b)Onsite: For those who did not or cannot make payment online, onsite payment is also  available.

V.Call  for Posters

The organizing  committee of the conference will send a poster exhibition invitation letter to  the delegates in the near future. The poster template (A0 size, 1200mm high by  900mm wide, vertical version) can be downloaded from the official conference  website, the poster guidelines are subject to the contents mentioned in the  invitation to the poster exhibition.

VI.Conference  Contacts

Conference secretariat:
 Lijuan Chen (189-8060-1790 Coordination)
 Luoting Yu (135-1810-6315 Coordination)
 Zhenlei Song (132-8107-1169 Coordination)
 Liang Ouyang (138-8067-4611 Conference venue)
 Guobo Li (135-5016-1826 Conference affairs)
 Jun Zou (138-8095-9191 Schedule management)
 Xin Yang (135-4048-0933 Transportation and  accommodation)
 Yiwen Zhang (159-2801-5774 Material management)
 Yongmei Xie (158-8241-0198 Registration)
 Youfu Luo (186-1579-7021 Poster  exhibition)

Conference affairs:
 Jingjing Zhang (136-8807-3850 Coordination)
 Xingmu Zhang (135-6846-4558 Registration  and payment)
 Mingcong Li (173-4142-2935 Conference fee  remittance)
 Lanjing Wang (133-0817-5347 Transportation  and accommodation, Schedule management)
 Lanxing Zhang (158-2801-7192 Enterprise  exhibition)
 Hong Yang (176-2182-8799 Venue management)
 Qiuhua Gong (151-0838-2790 Academic  management)
 Email: cmcs2019@scu.edu.



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